about me

For 30 years I have been supporting pregnant women and I enjoy helping them every day!
I would never have thought that one day I would also care for women virtually via the internet.

The exciting thing about my job is to assist soon to be parents during the intensive time around the birth of a newborn.

In the safe, experienced handling of pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum I am empathetic to your situation and will trust your intuition. I provide antenatal and postnatal advice, care and support to women, their babies, partners and families. If the situation requires it, I can use different  remedies such as naturopathy, tested and successful home medicines, as well as conventional cures.
I am trained in:
  • homeopathy
  • acupuncture
  • aromatherapy
  • Bach-flower therapy
  • herbal medicine
  • Schuessler salts
  • reiki
  • and K-Taping
  • in training at Spinning Babies
On a regular basis, I continue to educate myself extensively. My main areas of focus are currently prenatal care and counselling (available while breastfeeding). As well as this, I provide postpartum care, postnatal courses and how babies learn to eat. The individual, holistic care is geared towards the whole family and is based on your needs.

In addition to the first years of work in the clinic, I founded the first midwifery practice in the north of Berlin and later lived and worked for 3 years in Mexico with indigenous midwives, this means that I can speak Spanish and English.

Back while I was in the north of Berlin, I helped to set up the midwifery practice zehn mOnde. I protest as a political member alone or with Hebammen f├╝r Deutschland e.V. for my fellow midwives.
I am now happy about the bright future that lies ahead of me and the Mohnblume Familienpraxis.



I gave birth to my first daughter in Mexico without outside help in the remote mountains of Chiapas and I welcomed my second daughter to earth in a hospital in Berlin (2003). Personally, I love my big family, the diversity of life, nature and its medicine. Additionally┬á I like to laugh and l am content with how I lay out my life. Also I love swimming in lakes! For me, a good life includes exercise, good food, preferably tasty and healthy, but definitely ­čŹź­čśë.

Please feel free to contact me at any time.

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I must tell you, that I was afraid of not beeing able to give birth at home.
I was afraid of beeing frustated about not go through the homebirth. :(
All this thoughts left outside the door..
I told myself to trst in you an your immense expierience as midwife.
When you arrived,Ifelt a wave of sunshine.
I loved how you waited, listend and observed. Letting nature do her thing :)
I appreciated, how you turned my attention to the details, I wouldn´t  know how to recognize.
It was a pleasure sharing this expierience with you....


.....From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for the great company during the birth of T....as well as your terrific support and care in the weeks before and after. Thanks to you, T... was born peacefully and naturally in her new home. Such a beautiful first birth experience is something that only few people have - without you it would not have been possible.
M., L., and T.