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Hello, I'm glad you found your way here.

 I am a midwife and accompany expectant families around the birth and the time after.

You can find 1:1 care with me, take part in postnatal classes or attend my workshops "How babies learn to eat", "Preventing and treating viruses and colds naturally" and "Treating fevers and injuries naturally".

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wellcome, you´re pregnat

You're wondering...
- how to gain confidence in your body?
- What does "becoming parents" mean for you and your partner?
- How can you experience your birth in a conscious and self-determined way and how can you give your baby closeness, love and security?
- what could help you and your family during pregnancy, childbirth and the first time after?

do you want to know about:

  •     Pregnancy complaints (back pain, nausea or water retention)
  •     Fears before birth
  •     Naturopathic preparation for birth
  •     Preparation for a planned caesarean section
  •     Preparation for the postpartum period
  •     Initial equipment and purchase list

Time after birth

  •     Checking the course of the puerperium
  •     Scar assessment
  •     Breastfeeding tips
  •     Debriefing of the birth
  •     Strengthening for the emotional maturation of motherhood
  •     Naturopathic & homeopathic support


  • Assessment of the general condition
  • Navel and weight check
  • Education and instruction in infant care and handling
  • Assistance in recognising needs
  • Advice on restraint, cloth diapering or carrying
  • Naturopathy for health prophylaxis, colds, fever, injuries, weaning processes and teething problems