Home births are a favourite part of my work.
I have been accompanying home births for almost 30 years.
The self-empowerment of the woman, the constant contact between the pregnant woman and the baby in her womb and my professional expertise with a full range of emergency equipment in my pocket lead to happy, fulfilling, healing births.
I will interfere as little as possible and as much as necessary in the natural processes...and be there with loving calm.
The quality of the birth experience is incomparably high due to the constant support before, during and after the birth.
Trust supports the release of hormones for labour and also the stable condition of the baby at birth.
Because the woman giving birth and I build up a relationship of trust beforehand, I have never had to use contractions or painkillers to support the birth!
A second midwife usually attends the birth and a student is usually also present.
Individual needs are always taken into account and worked out together before and during the birth.
On the statistical safety of home births:


"You supported me empathetically and professionally during the planning of my home birth. You asked the right questions and helped to turn vague ideas into exactly the atmosphere I wanted.
 You radiated calm during the birth and were always present at exactly the right time when I needed it.
 You helped me to experience the birth of my dreams and I always smile when I think about the birth and have the feeling that I can do anything. "
2023 Lea R. from Charlottenburg


...we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the great support during the birth of our daughter, as well as your fantastic support and care in the weeks before.

Thanks to you, our little Mira was born peacefully and naturally in her new home.

I'm sure very few people have such a wonderful first birth experience - it wouldn't have been possible without you."

2022 Michaela, Benjamin and Mira


 Thank you for being so caring, loving and competent through this enchanted birth and the time surrounding it.
Your calmness, strength and trust made it all possible. You have a special place in our hearts."
2023 j., Th., Th. and Fid.


"With a home birth, the baby is born where it will live. It is allowed to arrive immediately and feel at home and protected, and I find that very valuable. You were a sensitive and competent companion and gave me support and security so that I could concentrate fully on the birth. Thank you so much for giving me and my daughter such a wonderful birth experience!"

2024 Kati from Reinickendorf