Rebozzo-Massage for Position and Adjustment Anomalies

 With the help of the Rebozo, positions (breech and transverse positions) and attitudes of the baby before and during birth can be gently stimulated for optimization. 

 In the workshop you will learn how this works.

 Basically it is about relaxing the pelvis and the belly and inviting the baby into the optimized position through gentle rocking.

 Maybe that's where the expression "we'll rock the baby" comes from, when it means that something is going to be good. 


Rebozo massage is also available for pregnant women and during childbirth.



Rebozo-Massage- Clothing the bones


During pregnancy all the joints, tissues loosen up and during childbirth the body opens up to the maximum.

 Rebozo massage stimulates the metabolism of organs and tissues and closes the body again.

   A rebozo massage is performed with the typical hand-woven rebozo scarf. The body is held in stages from foot to head by the rebozo scarf.

 Especially after childbirth, women find this emotionally and physically wonderfully stabilizing and strengthening.

  During the massage, different techniques can be used - from holding still, to rocking, to very forceful closing, each preference can be chosen. This provides a very relaxing massage and is found by many to be very pleasant and soothing.


I lived in Mexico for many years and also started my own family there. While deeply immersed in Mayan culture and traditional midwifery knowledge from different regions of Mexico, I was fortunate and honored to be confidently initiated by experienced indigenous midwives into the valuable knowledge of the ancient Rebozo tradition.



I am happy to share this original sacred knowledge with professionals as well.